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The Forgotten Fruit: Foraging Rose Hips

  Rose hips are appealing because they are often forgotten. These dense rose plants are known for their sprawling nature, taking over the dunes of New England in the summer time, peppering the coast with beautiful pink and white “beach roses”, and protecting our coast line from

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Give Squid A Chance

When most people think of fishermen and others who make their living from the sea, they often think monolithically. They envision the lobsterman or the “goddam sword boat captain” or, well, the oyster farmer.  The reality is that so many people making a living in our coastal communities rely

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Island Creek Goes Clamming

Robert teaches us how to spot, size and cook clams in time for Labor Day. Watch it go down.    The benefit of living/working/playing on the water is the bounty of the bay. Sure, we grow oysters, but we also spend our free time swimming, fishing

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Foraging Sea Beans

Sea beans, the mystical asparagus of the marsh, is one of my favorite things to forage. Sometimes foraging feels dangerous (mushrooms) or elusive (truffles), useless (pine needles?) or even just not delicious (dandelion greens). But not sea beans! Stumble upon them once in the marsh and you’ll

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WATCH: Bill’s July 4th Angry Oysters Recipe

Angry Oysters July 4th Grilled Oysters Recipe by Bill “Yum Yum” Weiss If you follow the Island Creek sales team on the insta (@oysteresses) you’ll notice all that juicy food content as of late. Turns out we aren’t just a bunch of salty oyster farmers. A lot

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Robert’s Mojito Recipe

As Head of Operations, Robert spends his time running around the farm doing a whole lot of operational things; packaging, inventory, maintenance, managing, digging, tweaking, training, etc. One day he’s building garden beds for fresh vegetables (and mint for mojitos!), the next day he is setting up

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