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Harvest, cull, count, wash, bag. Repeat. | Summer Farm Update

What does ‘peak summer’ mean to you? Is it hazy afternoons licking melted ice cream off your hands or waiting in line for the perfect lobster roll? For oyster farmers, peak summer is marked by 12 hour days on the water and shuttling gear from one corner

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Growing Up Oyster | High Tide Oyster Farm

When we arrived to meet Chris Warner and his son Garrett at the Starbucks in Bath, ME, we took a quick look around and immediately saw two pairs of muddy knee high rubber boots sitting in the corner. A sure fire sign of an oyster farmer. “I’m

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The Norumbega Boys

Eric Peters greets us wearing a proud “Bates Dad” hat, and says the guys have been looking forward to this. I can only imagine who these “guys” are that are looking forward to having their picture taken. Usually farmers are on the slightly reserved side, shying away

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Jordan Kramer: A true (Maine) Renaissance Man

Maine is pretty magical. Just 30 minutes north of busy Portland, you can quickly end up in what feels like the middle of the nowhere. Earlier this spring we found ourselves driving down a winding road, thickly lined with trees, fallen pine needles, an occasional home tucked

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She’s A Badass Mother Farmer

Meet Cara Joly, one half of the team behind Joly Oysters. She’s a badass mother farmer. Along with her husband, Jon, they started growing their own oysters in 2016 in Dennis, MA. Not only is she a farmer, but a freelance interior designer and mother to two

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Maine Month: Meet Snow Island Oysters

The thing about oyster farming is that everyone starts for different reasons. Some people can’t get enough of how the taste, some inherited prime farming land, others studied their biology, and some are like the Quahog Bay Conservancy. Founded by Pat and Mary Scanlan in 2014, the conservancy’s

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