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A quick guide to enjoying Tinned Fish the Island Creek way

There are many beautiful things about tinned fish: they are shelf-stable, they are rich in omega-3s, they can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways, and they have the ability to transport us to the balcony of our pied-à-terre in Europe in the summertime (at least in our minds).

Whether you peel back the tin and eat straight from it, or you add them to a delicious pasta dish to elevate your dinner, these little tins are so versatile. Our favorite way to eat them at Island Creek? With a spread of delicious accoutrement that create a choose-your-own-adventure style food experience (think charcuterie board, but with fish).


Don’t get bogged down with what to include on your board. Have fun with it! This board is your masterpiece to create exactly as simple or robust as you like.

WHAT TO INCLUDE (These are merely some suggestions):

1. TINNED FISH. Depending on how many people you are sharing with and whether it’s an appetizer or full meal, you could choose as many as you like. The way we see it, 1 tin per person is a perfect amount for lunch.

2. BREAD & CRACKERS. A slice of bread or cracker adds a great crunch to your snack and serves as a great base to build your own bite or open-face toast. We love whole wheat sourdough bread, any kind of flat cracker or melba toast. You could even use good old fashioned saltines.

3. ANYTHING PICKLED. Check what’s in your pantry first. But we love red onions, sauerkraut, seaweed salad, sea kraut, pickled carrots, Cornichons, green beans, pickles, artichoke hearts, banana peppers, Pepperoncini, olives, sweetie drops peppers, Poppadu peppers. The list goes on! Some of these are delicious paired with a tinned fish bite…others are just for snacking!

4. BIG SCOOP OF BUTTER. This can offset some of the saltiness of the tinned fish and adds a nice creamy touch.

5. MUSTARD. We don’t suggest a hot dog mustard. Allow yourself to ball out here a little and go for a nice whole grain.

6. BIG FAT FLAKY SEA SALT. For some of the less salty tinned fish, it’s a really nice touch on the top of your open face creation.

7. LEMON. A squeeze of one of these adds the perfect cut of citrus to round out the flavors.

8. FRESH HERBS. Choose your favorites! We love fresh parsley or chives to top off the whole thing.

9. OYSTERS. If you’re really looking to go all out or make this and even more substantial meal, adding a side of freshly shucked oysters creates added flavor and wow factor.

Oh, and a nice white wine. Don’t forget the wine…


Most important thing to remember is all of the above is optional. Choose your own tinned fish adventure and enjoy!