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VIDEO: Giving thanks to the Bay

We farm oysters in the very water where the Mayflower arrived four hundred years ago.

We live on the land cultivated by generations of farmers and foragers that came before us. We feel the same seasonal cues deep in our bones, reminding us each fall that it’s time to gather for a feast, to celebrate, and give thanks for this incredible bounty, and for this community, which sustains us year after year.

Oysters are composed of the very mud, algae, and salt — the fundament of the place from where they come.

Each time you slurp one back you are getting a small taste of the sea where that brave bivalve spent its life. So, please join us this holiday season in celebrating this little bay which inspired an American tradition and continues to provide for those of us making a go of it. From Wampanoag natives to Yankee shipbuilders to a few lost boys and girls who set out to sell some shellfish instead of getting a real job… we all owe so much to this Bay. Above all, we owe a great deal of thanks to you–our loyal supporters — for allowing this coastal community to flourish well into yet another century.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.