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WATCH: Striper Fishing on Duxbury Bay

Duxbury Bay is our farm and our playground. We spend 365 days a year at the mercy of Mother Nature, all made worth it by the months where we take a boat out for a spin, bust out our fishing rods, and hook the catch of the moment. One of our favorites around these parts? Striped bass.

In lieu of a water bubbler, we circle around the fire pit, dish pit, prep station or farm boats regaling our tales of the keeper we managed to snag on our day off. It’s a way of life.

It’s that way of life that inspired the start of our restaurants 9 years ago. In our daily lives, and in our kitchens, we support New England fishing – we eat New England fish. 

On our latest adventure in the bay, our farm manager, Ursula Balmer, and our Chef de Cuisine of Row 34 Boston, Ally Bayless, show us what it takes to procure, prep, and pan sear a beautiful striped bass.