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Island Creek Goes Clamming

Robert teaches us how to spot, size and cook clams in time for Labor Day.

Watch it go down.


The benefit of living/working/playing on the water is the bounty of the bay. Sure, we grow oysters, but we also spend our free time swimming, fishing for stripers, or getting ankle deep in low tide hunting for clams. Last week, Robert sported his clamming license (don’t worry, we’re legal) and took out some newbies to show us how it’s done. Turns out, it’s super easy. It’s just all in the tools and the timing.

Driveway Clams Recipe

(As seen in the video.)

DO try this at home. Trust us, people will gather around to get in on this #clamjam.

It’s super simple. Pinky swear.

Fire up the stovetop and heat up a large sauce pan.
1. Pour in a couple glugs of olive oil.
2. Add 2 cloves of chopped garlic (unless you’re a vampire).
3. Drop in 4 links of Chorizo (cut however you want).
4. Throw in a handful of chopped scallions.


5. Add a bucket of the clams you’ve hunted (or bought here…whatever works).


6. Add a couple ‘gansetts  or any beer will do (be sure to save one for yourself).


Once the clams start to open up…
7. Sprinkle Old Bay everywhere.
8. Add a lot more olive oil.
9. Toss in a bounty of chopped parsley.
10. Squeeze in 3 juicy lemons.


11. Add salt (if needed…clams are salty).

Pour it out and GET DOWN.