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Robert’s Mojito Recipe

As Head of Operations, Robert spends his time running around the farm doing a whole lot of operational things; packaging, inventory, maintenance, managing, digging, tweaking, training, etc. One day he’s building garden beds for fresh vegetables (and mint for mojitos!), the next day he is setting up an osprey nest so they don’t make their home on top of a telephone pole.

But on staff BBQ nights, you can find him perched in the truck making mojitos for the farm crew.

Now that summer is nearly here, he’s sharing his perfected recipe so you can try your hand at making the perfect mojito.

Robert’s Mojito Recipe

[Makes a single serving]


8-12 mint leaves (preferably from your own garden)
1 1/2 tsp. of fine unbleached granulated sugar
juice of one lime
2 oz of Bacardi Superior White Rum
crushed ice
club soda


Tear mint leaves in half and put in glass
Add sugar
Muddle mint and sugar
Add lime juice
Stir to dissolve sugar
Add rum
Add scoop of crushed ice
Top with a splash of club soda
Garnish with a lime slice and mint sprig

PRO TIP: If the lime is dry, use two limes to get enough juice. Be sure not to over-squeeze or else the oils from the rind will make the drink bitter.