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Oysters Are For Lovers

Before the Roman Empire…people were using oysters to set the mood.


Casanova was even rumored to eat oysters on the regular to woo the many, many women he bedded. And amongst all the eye-roll-inducing oyster puns that regretfully exist, ones about oysters “making you a better lover”, are the most prevalent.

So… are the rumors true? Are oysters aphrodisiacs? Here’s why you should make oysters a part of your seduction routine (it’s cool, we ALL have one) this Valentine’s Day:


That lead in your pencil is actually ZINC

Zinc is a proven mood-enhancing mineral that increases sex drives for both men and women. Booyah! Zinc is involved in everything from increasing testosterone production in men, to maintaining reproductive health in women and increasing blood flow. Essentially, zinc plays a crucial role in our sexual health and prowess!


Health is WEALTH

Oysters are not only high in zinc- they’re basically multivitamins of the sea. They are high in protein, low in fat, packed with vitamin E, C, B-12, selenium, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids. In other words, they positively contribute to the immune system, heart health, brain function, eyesight, skin, vascular system, and bone health, just to name a few! And when we feel good…we do good!


Sexy Environmentalism

How does the saying go? Oysters are good for the environment, and environmental awareness is super sexy? Yeah, I think that’s how the saying goes. Oysters clean water by filtering out nitrogen (to make their shell), which enhances water clarity and in turn creates a healthier habitat for all the other creatures in their ecosystem. One oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day! They are a net positive for the environment and, excuse me while I get a room…


Eat ’em RAW

When it comes to using oysters as potent aphrodisiacs, it’s important to eat them raw. Heat from cooking will cause the aforementioned vital nutrients that are so abundant in oysters to degrade. We recommend a simple squeeze of lemon or a bright mignonette to preserve the magical love-inducing properties of your dozen on the half shell.


So, perhaps the rumors are true. Maybe Casanova really was on to something back in the 1700’s? This Valentine’s Day, let’s make like Casanova and shuck some oysters with someone special.