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Island Creek’s Guide to Party Survival

At Island Creek Oysters, we know how to party.

You could call us veterans of the sport. We’ve had LOTS and LOTS of experience hosting, attending and ruining parties over the years. You don’t have to be that guy who rolls around on the ground and makes a scene outside of Eastern Standard (you know who you are). You don’t have to get kicked out of your own Oyster Festival. And you don’t have to wake up to find that you got a hotdog tattoo on your inner thigh the night before (again, you know who you are).


Learn from our hard-earned mistakes to have a guaranteed awesome New Years weekend!


1. Always have a designated driver

A party bus is a great option for going to-and-fro events, but despite the moody purple uplighting and privacy, they are NOT the right place to give your boss a lapdance (actually, nowhere is the right place for that). Please, if you arrive on the party bus, LEAVE on the party bus.

2. Check the weather forecast…

Your best efforts to hide how drunk you are most definitely WILL be revealed when your vomit freezes to the parking lot overnight. And no one wants to chisel frozen vomit off the parking lot (especially Billy Bennett).

3. Light a dumpster fire…

When it starts to get chilly, drag the trash outside and light that stuff on fire. Nothing warms the heart like seeing 2018’s reports, meeting minutes, and old Bon Appetit magazines go up in flames. Similarly, we use fires all winter-long to keep our crew toasty while working on the more remote areas of the farm.


4. Eat the big oysters

Our farm crew harvests three sizes of oysters- petites, regulars, and larges. However, there are always a few lone rangers that slip through the cracks and end up growing to be the size of your forearm. Since the market for such gargantuan oysters isn’t that big (lol, pun), we have to get creative with this unique surplus.

What WE recommend, is to find the drunkest person at the party and coerce them into eating the absolute largest, most intimidating oyster the farm crew can harvest. This will result in much laughter, followed by cleaning up after a hyperactive gag reflex.

5. Don’t pee on the rocks…

For those who live by the water, Mother Nature’s most alluring place to relieve oneself is the ocean. Be wary, however! Shoreline rocks can be slippery and hard to navigate at night. Don’t end up with barnacle scrapes on your bits.

6. Snack like a pro…

The later in the night, the weirder the food gets.  We encourage you to get creative with your late night treats. If it weren’t for our hanger (hunger + anger) after hours of shucking at parties, we never would’ve come up with the king of all snacks: the uni-oyster-caviar-potato chip-stack.


Did this help? Even a little bit?

We can only hope that our battle-won party scars can serve a higher purpose. Stay safe out there this holiday season, and be sure to party like a pro!