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HOW TO SNACK: Holiday Guide for Eating Caviar + Oysters


Have you worn the same ugly sweater to multiple parties already (no shame, but come on)? Are you OVER making travel plans, shopping for presents, and trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to do with the oysters and caviar you just ordered?

Fret no more weary party-goers! We can help you eat your feelings – but in the classiest of ways!

Check out our list of favorite ways to enjoy oysters and caviar this party season:



-On its own, because it’s just that well-rounded

-On a potato chip

-With an oysterduh

-Shmeared on your toasted everything bagel for breakfast

-Off your lover’s décolletage

-Sandwiched between two tiny pancakes

-Atop soft scrambled eggs

-After a shot of vodka


Never use metal utensils to serve caviar! Contact with metal causes a chemical reaction that destroys the integrity of the product. You should use something like this.


-On its own, because it’s just that well-rounded

Roasted in our oyster cast iron that doubles as a self-defense weapon

Steamed with chorizo, butter, white wine, and garlic

Spiced up on the half shell with Floyd + Fred’s hot sauce

-With a squeeze of lemon

-With the Ghost of Christmas Past

-Beneath a blanket of Osetra or White Sterling caviar


The most important PROTIP of all, of course, is to share the bounty with people you care about. No Scrooges, here!