Oysters to your door - Shipped Overnight For Free!


Pete grew up in Needham, MA and has been working at ICO for over 4 years. Working full time with the sales team, Pete has worked tirelessly in bringing our oysters to, what seems like, new restaurants on a daily basis and he won’t stop until every joint has oysters on their menus. Always honest and always willing to go the extra mile, Pete is truly an asset to our team.

Fun facts about Pete:

His biggest pet peeve is social media.. Pretty sure he actually still has a flip phone.

If you were to walk around our office and look closely, you would know many of the ceramic coffee mugs around here were made by Pete.

An avid reader with many quotes to pull from, he still thinks, our very own Dana Hale’s “GTFOMF” is a quote he draws daily inspiration from.