Oysters to your door - Shipped Overnight For Free!


Meggie is from Duxbury and has worked full time for ICO for over 3 years but has been working on oyster farms since she was in high school. Meggie brings some serious restaurant knowledge to the team and understands the inner workings of oyster farms all over the country far better than most. She is an asset to the sales team and the company as a whole. Her relationship to the laundry list of farmers we work with is essential to our growth and theirs too.

Fun facts about Meggie:

She has an extremely large DVD collection, mostly ROM COMs, and watches them regularly with her husky, Koda.

Winston Churchill’s famous quote “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts,” is among her words to live by.

Meggie can dance and not just any dance, but she can do the ‘Worm’ and regularly breaks it out.