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Jess grew up in Dartmouth, MA and has been working at ICO for over 7 years. Jess heads up our wholesale department and continues to help our business grow one account at a time. Her depth of knowledge regarding restaurants, client relationships and grasp of the oyster business has put us on the map in many areas due to her tireless work and dedication to Island Creek.

We also opened up our Raw Bar on the Island Creek Oyster Farm and Jess has been instrumental in getting it off the ground. She has turned a static patio in to a lively destination for oyster lovers from near and far to visit. She truly has made our Raw Bar a stop on the Great Oyster Tour of America.

Fun Facts about Jess:

She was a Ceramics Major turned Oysteress! One of her many hidden talents.

If knowing ‘Saved By The Bell Trivia’ was a way to make millions, she’d be retired by now.