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Bill grew up in Concord, MA and has been working at ICO for over 3 years. Bill has been just about everywhere and his desire to be back in the Boston area brought him back home. Bill, who heads up the sales team, has a diverse background and fits perfectly in to our “Good/Weird” philosophy. A ‘street trained’ chef, commercial sword fisherman, banker for Morgan Stanley, avid fly fisherman and an absolute wealth of bi-valve knowledge have all helped Bill diversify the oyster market and become one of the foremost oyster salesmen in the country.

Fun Facts about Bill:

Fishing is his life. Through thick and thin, Bill can be found around the world wetting flies and landing exotic fish.

He has a 165 lb Great Dane/Mastiff Mix named Sampson

His first concert was Grateful Dead which is ironic because he can’t stand them!