Oysters to your door - Shipped Overnight For Free!


After a year or more of life on the bottom or in a growout tray, its time to harvest. The farm crew goes out at low tide to pick oysters off the flats or out of trays. At high tide we drag a basket dredge to harvest the bottom-planted crop. We then take the catch back to our floating farm HQ–The Oysterplex–to cull each one by hand, sort them into different sizes or “culls”, and count them 100 oysters at a time into bags ready for market. Oysters are iced in a slurry within one hour of harvest to ensure quality and food safety. Its a hustle but it makes a difference! They come off the water, into one of our refrigerators, and are whisked off around the country on one of our trucks, by FedEx, or in the belly of a plane. Bam! There ya have it, folks. Oyster farming in five easy steps.

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