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Stillness in the pre-dawn light and the low drum of the motor as the boat draws close to the carefully sectioned, geometric grid of the area known to the community as, ‘The Farm.’ Hopping off of the skiff on to the tide, the cool water surrounds the boots and waders of these
farmers and they are off to work. To say
they roll their sleeves up is purely an
understatement as this crew has a
different office all together.
The farm and hatchery crew of Island
Creek Oysters is unique and dynamic
with saltiness not only in the air but
running through the veins of this team
hard at work in Duxbury Bay,
Massachusetts. The long braids and

pony tails under sun kissed skin and
sunscreen is the only deciding factor, the
female force on the water is strong.
With a rich history and lineage running
back generations, not only does Duxbury
have a story to tell but the women of
Island Creek Oysters are continuing the
legacy and furthering the narrative.
Originally called Mattakeesett, or ‘place
of many fish’ by the Wampanoag people,
Duxbury has always been known for its
prolific Bay and maritime history.
Fast forward a few hundred years and
the rich history and story finds its way
to Island Creek Oysters. The founder,
Skip Bennett has roots that go back as
far as the settlement of the town and the
land. His great aunt, Dorothy May
Bennett, better known as Aunt Dotty,

became an influential woman in the area
and with the future thriving business.
These women have two of the most
critical roles at Island Creek Oysters.
Channeling their inner ‘Aunt Dotty’ is
working for them as these women are
backed with serious maritime history of
their own.
The driving force behind our hatchery is
a young woman named Hannah Pearson.
You might recognize her last name as it
was Hannah’s grandfather, Everett
Pearson, who revolutionized the
pleasure boating world as we know it.
Her grandmother Ginny, Everett’s wife,
also has oyster farming in her family, so
it should be no small coincidence
Hannah has found her way to Island
Creek Oysters.

Hannah’s high level of organization,
attention to detail and fierce nurturing
mentality of her hatchery contributes to
the successful drive needed to
accomplish her lofty goals and efficiently
start the growth process.

Once Hannah has carefully, scientifically
and selectively produced the oyster
seeds from early stages to being ready to
head out to the Bay, she then hands
them off to Island Creek’s farm manager,
Ursula Balmer.
The transition from hatchery to farm is a
crucial and dialed in task. The strategy
must be efficient and calculated. This is
where Ursula shines. With a degree in
marine biology, almost ten years
working on oyster farms and a wealth of

knowledge handed down from her
father, commercial fisherman, Ursula
holds the keys to the crops of oysters
needing to grow and ultimately make it
to market. She runs a tight ship and
works an elaborate grid of growth and
placement. As cliché as the term farm to
table is, it wouldn’t be as well known in
the culinary world without Ursula’s grit
and dedication.
These two women run small but
talented teams focused on strategic
planning, efficient work, scientific
research and extremely hard work. They
are crucial to company’s mission as a
whole and help provide some of the best
oysters in the world to over 750
restaurants nationwide and millions of

oysters delivered each year to your door
step from shop.islandcreekoysters.com.

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