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Moon Shoal Oysters Spotlight!

Agriculture and fishing date back to Barnstable’s founding in 1639. Fast forward 379
years and history is still being made, one delicious oyster at a time, thanks to Jon Martin
and his dedicated crew at Moon Shoal Oysters.

Jon and his team live their lives on their own terms and it shows in the way their oysters
are farmed and raised. Ready for the next adventure and always ready for the tide, the
Moon Shoal boys are prepared like no other farm we know. The local waters run strong
through their veins and their connection to the tide is infectious. A true work hard to play
hard attitude has further developed their sought after and hard to find oysters!
“Always have your fishing rod, bring along a few beers, you know, just in case, fire
wood, a lighter, ice, your favorite knife, and plenty of snacks for any given day on Moon
Shoals Farm.” – Jon Martin.

Raw, somewhat wild, hardworking, and always searching for good times and great
oysters, Jon somehow manages to balance working as a fulltime firefighter, a
supportive family, and still finds time to grow some of the best oysters in the country.
The Moon Shoals passion for the water and their craft is recognized in every oyster.
The flavor profile of their oysters results in a clean, delicate, plump, smooth, salty not
briny, bold umami and refreshing flavor.

Our relationship goes beyond oysters. Similar passion for the process, grit and
determination to succeed no matter how difficult farming might get and a respect for the
end result bonded our friendship. It is oyster farmers like Jon Martin and Moon Shoal
Oysters who elevate the playing field and make not only Island Creek Oysters work
harder but every farm strive for perfection in their crops.

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