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Six and Going Strong

Lineage Restaurant holds a special place in the hearts of Island Creekers. Chef-owner Jeremy Sewall is not only a business partner and chef at the Island Creek Oyster Bar, but he’s been a close friend to a number of us for years. In fact, he was the first chef to ever visit and take a tour of Island Creek almost 10 years ago – he’s been bringing his entire restaurant staff to the farm every summer since. This past week, we celebrated Lineage’s sixth anniversary with a huge bash at the restaurant complete with some of our closest chefs friends: Seth & Angela Raynor, Jody Adams, Michael Schlow, William Kovel, and Chris Schlesinger. It was a fantastic crowd, an epic night, and made us all a little more appreciative of just how hard Jeremy works.

Besides Lineage and ICOB, Jeremy is the consulting chef at both Eastern Standard and The Hawthorne — plus he’s got a family of five, including a new baby girl at home. We’re still not sure how he has time to do it all since he seems to be at every restaurant every single day (Time travel? Super powers? An IV of 5-hour energy strapped to his arm? We have our theories…) but the folks at Grub Street Boston managed to get it out of him in a recent interview.

As long as he finds some time to make it down the farm and crack open a beer every once in awhile, we’ll support whatever he’s got cookin’. Congratulations, Chef. Here’s to many, many more.


Erin Byers Murray‘s most recent book is “Shucked: Life on a New England Oyster Farm“.  Her work has appeared in Food & Wine Magazine, Body + Soul, Boston Magazine, the Boston Globe, and many more publications.

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