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Giants Superbowl Victory Makes Life at ICO Difficult for All

When Skip came up with the Patriot Oyster he established that Island Creek Oysters was a firm supporter of The New England Patriots. In the past we have participated in tailgating events at Gillette Stadium, and attended games in full Grundens gear in an attempt to combat the brutal New England weather. On February 3, 2008 ESPN viewership in Massachusetts reached record lows. Four long miserable years later we finally had our chance at redemption. Instead Giants fans everywhere redeemed their ticket to Heckle-Fest for another eternity, and we can’t watch ESPN until at least March.

One of our “Road Warriors” Matt Rohrig is a big fan of the New York Giants. To his defense he was born and raised in southern Connecticut, so he was closer to Giants Stadium than Foxboro. However, he is a Bruins, Celtics, and Yankees fan also, a clear-cut identity crisis. He takes one of the trucks down to NYC twice a week and stops at over 30 restaurants to deliver oysters, clams, and whatever other goodies Dana packs the truck with.

Matt was at Gillette on November 11th when Elisha Manning marched his team of misfits down the field and into the end-zone as time expired, hammering another rusty nail into the hearts of Pats fans everywhere. As if 2007 wasn’t enough, we were again reminded of the Patriots (defensive) inability to close out games. Matt made sure we didn’t forget for the rest of the season. We tried to make sure he remembered that the Giants finished 9-7 and had to beat “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys in the last week of the season to stumble into the playoffs, but it was a futile effort.

The Patriots put forward their best effort on Sunday to ruin the rest of the year. A safety on their first offensive play of the game, followed by a lackluster performance on both sides of the bowl burned this game into our memory. Matt Titus declared 10,000 years of hate, and the rest of the Ops crew sans Rohrig agreed.

Fortunately the Island Creek van is making one of it’s bi-weekly runs into New York City today. At 11am the New York Giants victory parade will be marching through Brooklyn, bringing with it thousands of fans, and a side-prize of shut down streets, horrible traffic, and drunk pedestrians. I have my fingers crossed that Matt (Rohrig) gets stuck in that traffic and doesn’t get back from New York until 2 AM. Then maybe he will keep it quiet about the Giants for a day. Probably not, but hey, at least we can beat the Redskins right? No that doesn’t really matter either. Whatever, I’m just going to go watch the Bruins and tell Matt he should be wearing an Islanders jersey.


Bryan Hoban is having trouble sleeping and won’t be watching ESPN for a while. Until then he continues his role in the Marketing department of ICO.

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