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The Winds of Change

I think James Taylor said it best in his introduction to a live version of Walking Man, “This song is about the coming of winter, and the fall of the year”. At Island Creek we are nostalgic. Its impossible not to be. Seasons come and seasons go. Mother Nature’s hand is an ever present force in our lives so, logically, as the OysterPlex gets moved to its winter home and the pace of life moves from plaid speed to a more normal pace, we become nostalgic.

We remember the craziness of summer and look forward to the relative peace and quiet of winter in a small New England town. The change is significant, even poignant. How can we be swimming under a sunny 80 degree sky in August then shoveling out as early as October (Snowtober struck recently)? Easy.  The wind.

Enter the winds of change. You may not be aware of this, but we notice it everyday on the farm, the seasons really do blow themselves in and blow themselves out. According to the national weather service, as winter approaches, so does the wind. And as winter departs, the wind helps it leave. December and February are our windiest months on the farm.

In the parking lot this time of year, grumblings can be heard amongst the farmers when the wind blows because the challenges of harvesting oysters in the winter are significant enough without any interference from our old friend, the wind. So, as you head outside from now through March and are struck by that biting, penetrating breeze think of the seasons as a living, breathing thing. We do.

And if you find yourself in Duxbury, swing through the harbor and you will find it devoid of life except for the farmers toiling away, mastering their craft. Before we know it, daffodils will appear and with them comes a promise that the wind is blowing winter right out of here. We can’t wait for that. Until then, you can find us by the fire at the Winsor House.

-Shore Gregory, Executive VP, ICO