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Our ears are buzzing! See who listed oysters on their holiday gift guides this year.

It’s here. The dreaded two-week countdown to the holidays. You might be struggling to find the perfect gift, wondering what to bring to your neighbor’s holiday party, or brainstorming an unforgettable Christmas Day menu. We may be biased (because it’s how we roll), but oysters check all

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All About: Marshallberg Caviar

Let’s get real – Caviar is awesome but also intimidating. Like choosing a bottle of wine from an extensive list, the choices are confusing and the often-steep price tag can mean that the stakes are HIGH. Add to that a history of smuggling, overfishing, and environmental degradation

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How Much Should You Get? The Oyster & Caviar Calculator

Hosting a party can be a lot of pressure. It’s like your one big chance to prove how awesome, charming and put-together you secretly are to all of your friends and family. You have to send cheeky invitations and curate a Spotify playlist that magically appeals to

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How To Shuck

We’re firm believers that wherever you can wield a shucking knife, you can enjoy an oyster. Over a couple beers on the back lawn, with a group of friends at your next dinner party, or standing over the kitchen sink as you cook (it’s what we like

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Oysters 101

Q: How long do my oysters keep? Your oysters keep in the refrigerator for 7-10 days! You can order a day or two early to make sure you have them in time for your gathering. They are totally fine hangin’ out in the cool air. Q: How

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Caviar 101

At the end of the day, we are all about FLAVOR here at Island Creek. It is in this eternal quest that we have plunged into our next great fixation—caviar. Truffles and foie gras, tuna toro and kobe beef come to mind as being in the same

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